P.IN.O.K.I.O – Pupils for INnOvation as a Key to Interultural and social inclusiOn [closed]

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P.IN.O.K.I.O project aimed at promoting intercultural dialogue against social exclusion, using fairy tale characters as a ‘way’ of communication for pre-school and school children, migrant children and their parents.

Our society is now confronted with a mix of cultures coming from different backgrounds. This is reflected especially in schools, where teachers have the challenge to create an environment where different cultures and background can be an opportunity, if well managed. But integration and valorisation of this multicultural reality, is not always an easy task.

Project Lifetime
October 2009 – December 2011

:: offering a tool for pre-primary and primary school teachers, migrant and non migrant pupils and their parents to deal with the challenges of contemporary life in schools;
:: promote intercultural communication and social inclusion in schools;
:: support pre-primary and primary school teachers in Europe to deal with the challenges of contemporary multicultural society by providing them with a creative pedagogic methodology and teaching materials to work in a multi-ethnic class and help fight social exclusion;
:: engage teachers, migrant and non migrant pupils and their parents in the teaching/learning process in the classroom and encourage personal and collective responsibility in the schools.

During the project an educational program for teachers was produced. Then, in a second phase, in each country partners involved some schools to test the program. Teachers around Europe attended the training program (both online and off line) and then were supported in the realization of workshops and laboratory in class with students, also with the involvement of parents.

Seed actively participated to the project, providing key competences in the production of learning materials and in the testing of the methodology. In particular seed participated to the definition of the educational programme for teachers, produced a training module on the topic of storytelling and movie with pupils, involved participants schools and teachers, organized the local teachers training for testing the program and supported the teachers with the organization on intercultural workshops and creativity labs, disseminated results and contributed to evaluation of the project.

:: educational program and training modules available online for teachers and schools;
:: realization of intercultural workshops and creativity labs in schools;
:: online tools and e-learning platform for teachers;
:: guidelines.

:: University of Madeira (Portugal)
:: Associazione seed (Svizzera)
:: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)
:: Cà Foscari University – Interuniversity Centre of Excellence (Italy)
:: The Mosaic Art and Sound Ltd (United Kingdom)
:: International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation (Belgium)
:: Officina Creativa Interculturale –associated partner- (Italy)

European Commission

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