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We tell you a story [closed]

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“We tell a story” is a human rights education project that aims to develop awareness on this issue through the development of knowledge, skills and habits. The result is a collective story written and animated by young people living on the two opposite poles of...

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DU4K Tableting Together – Morocco


The aim of Digital Unify for Kids (DU4K) Tableting Together is to facilitate disadvantaged children’s membership into the information society through familiarization with ICTs, leveraging project-based learning and edutainment software. After the positive experience that took place in India , the pilot project Digital Unify...

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A voice to our tradition – Morocco [closed]

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During the last years the local association AMPFR created in Morocco three professional learning centers for women, where an handkraft formation is offered; Fondazione nWnL helped in several phases of those realizations. Neverthless, the difficulty to integrate themselves in the active life of the Country...

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DU4K Tableting Together – India [closed]


The aim of Digital Unify for Kids (DU4K) Tableting Together is to facilitate disadvantaged children’s membership into the information society through familiarization with ICTs, leveraging project-based learning and edutainment software....

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OPRE! A Life Skills, Reproductive and Sexual Health Education Workshop for Roma Teenagers in Macedonia [closed]


Context The Roma minority constitutes Europe’s largest and most disadvantaged ethnic one. A substantial segment of this population resides in South-Eastern Europe, struggling on an everyday basis with a complex web of problems and predicaments. Difficulties galore in all spheres of daily living, restraining the...

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Internet Consultation and Evaluation (ICE) in Ghana [closed]


The idea of ICE is very simple: leveraging on available Internet technologies in order to empower healthcare staff in remote locations. In many regions in Africa and in other developing countries, health services are provided by small clinics, run by nurses, midwives or assistant physicians,...

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Training peace mediators in Sunyani, Ghana [closed]


Context A reliable and efficient judicial service is a key element for regional and national development. Effective judicial services mean less social conflict and a more stable situation. Often, developing countries suffer from a choked or corrupted system, jeopardizing any sustainable development effort. The Marian...

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Telling stories to learn and grow up [closed]

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Digital storytelling as a resource for young people of Samambaia, a suburb of Brasillia, to learn and express themselves.  Context Samambaia is a town located in the suburbs of Brasilia, where most of inhabitants are families experiencing disadvanged socio-economical conditions, and coming from the Noth-Eastern...

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Start-up of a recreational cafeteria in Ecuador [closed]


Opening a recreation cafeteria, where young people and children can socialize, play, read and learn together. That was the entrepreneurial idea from a local association of woman in Ecuador that seed supported, since the creation of the business plan, till the real opening of the...

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Training young entrepreneurs for success in Skopje, Macedonia [closed]


Macedonia is one of the contries with the highest unemployment rate, even if it can count on motivated and well-educated local youth. This project brought a youth entrepreneurship workshop for a bounch of dynamic local young people. Context Macedonia is a true crossroad of Europe,...

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Digital storytelling workshop at CEFE in Campeche (Mexico) [closed]


Telling stories and creating digital tales, to grow up together at the Educational and Training Centre Edimar (CEFE) in Campeche, Mexico.  Context Young people in Campeche often live in difficult socio-economical conditions, they are quite likely to leave school really ealry, and sometimes to experience...

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Micro-entrepreneurship opportunities for young mothers in Catamayo, Ecuador [closed]


Seed provides micro-entrepreneuship training and support to the members of an association of young mothers in Catamayo, Ecuador. Combining different funding sources, seed managed to offer ongoing support over three years, leading the opening of a new non profit bar and community center. Context Catamayo...

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A computer lab for digital storytelling in Campeche, Mexico [closed]

Storytelling in Campeche

Providing disadvantaged children and young people with access to technology can be an effective key for development. Working with a local education center in Campeche, Mexico, seed engaged in setting up a multimedia computer lab and in training teachers and educators for achieving a purposeful...

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Digital storytelling in Varazdin and Opatija, Croatia [closed]


After the long war that exploded in the Western Balkans in the ’90s, efforts are needed to reconstruct the civil society. This project proposed digital storytelling as an educational method for setting up community development projects with children and their families, in collaboration with DND,...

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A blog for Disadvantaged Youth in Brasilia [closed]


Educators of CEFE (Centro Educativo e Formativo) in Brasilia together with their pupils will design and publish a blog along one year. As a result of the project, CEFE students will gain the technological, methodological and communicative key skills to enter the knowledge society, both...

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Make a change: Be a VOLUNTEER! [closed]


Promoting volunteering among young people in Macedonia Context Through this project seed and the Macedonian association Youth Can will tackle the problem of lack of volunteering among the young people of Macedonia. A recent report indicates that 51, 2% of young people have never volunteered and...

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Exchanging stories for social development (x-story) [closed]


Sharing experiences and best practices of digital storytelling in the field of training and social development Context Stories are not only an effective way to understand content, but also a powerful way of expressing oneself. Learning to tell stories is an opportunity to enhance personal...

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Boosting Employability among Youth in Macedonia [closed]


Finding a job in Macedonia is extremely difficult, with an exploding youth unemployment rate. Seed is active, with its local partner ZIP, in helping young people keeping the hope and developing a realistic career plan based on sound skills....

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Promoting Social Business among Youth in Macedonia [closed]


Social business entrepreneurship can be a great resource for Macedonia, a country where high unemployment and social issues are very hard. This project takes up this challenge. Context A social business is an organization that exploits all means of economic organizations and enterprises to pursue...

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ANSMH IT Lab and Digital Storytelling [closed]

The aim of this project is twofold: first of all, to set up a IT Lab for the Youth Support Centre of the Associação Nossa Senhora Mae Dos Homens in Samambaia (Brasilia); secondly, to build staff capacity about the use of digital storytelling and integrate...

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Emplo-youth-ability [closed]


Macedonia is one of the countries with the highest unemployment rate, especially among  young people. This project, designed in tight collaboration with a local youth association, provides training in employability for young people, ranging from curriculum writing to leadership and communication skills. Context Macedonia is...

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Twinning: Accogliere per Educare [closed]


This twinning focuses on the family, as foundamental elment to support the life project of teenagers, both working with parents and children. The twinning wants to enable the sharing of good practices on this topic among the partners: ASL Como, Associazione Cometa, Centro Educativo e...

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