Promoting Social Business among Youth in Macedonia [closed]

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASocial business entrepreneurship can be a great resource for Macedonia, a country where high unemployment and social issues are very hard. This project takes up this challenge.

A social business is an organization that exploits all means of economic organizations and enterprises to pursue a social goal, not restricting its activity to achieve economic success. The concept of social business has therefore a double edge: the creation of new enterprises, and the development with respect to social goals. By creating new jobs and tackling social issues at the same time, social business has an unquestionable potential to combat youth unemployment in Macedonia, a country facing structural high unemployment where the youth is considered a socially vulnerable group. Nevertheless, the social business concept is still new, mostly unknown and under-utilized in this country.

Project lifetime
January 2013-December 2013

This project is aimed at increasing awareness and skills for social business among two main target groups: (a) young people in Macedonia and (b) potential disseminators/multipliers.

In particular:
:: 20 young people in Macedonia will be trained on social business through offering innovative web based tools, learning materials, a week-long workshop
:: Potential disseminators like start-up centres, other NGOs, or employment service centres will be engaged by providing them useful training materials and resources and establishing a network of interested partners.

The project is composed of three main modules:
:: Development of an evidence-based white paper on Social Business in Macedonia, and of new training materials (translations of existing materials, collection of case studies in Macedonia or neighbouring countries).
:: Design and implementation of a training course on social business, run in collaboration by ZIP and SEED trainers in Skopje, to the benefit of at least 20 young people.
:: Awareness-raising activities on social business training for selected local disseminators/multipliers, including start-up centres and employment services.

ZIP Institute, Skopje

Youth for Development