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Rapport-logoRapport – Building Rapport to prevent early school leaving, will promote a Virtual Reflective Learning, in order to reduce early school leaving.

One of the main headline targets agreed by the European Council is to reduce the share of early school leavers to less than 10%. The reasons why young people leave educational and training pathways before completing them are highly individual and they are then influenced by individual circumstances.
The reasons of the early leaving are to be found especially in the first years of upper secondary school, in particular in the end of compulsory full time education, when any school failures can be transformed into an alternative choice for training.
Students of secondary schools will be shown video interviews to early school leavers and to early school leavers who had a second chance, in order to enhance rapport and witness to prevent early school leaving.

Project Lifetime
November 2012 – October 2014

Rapport project’s general objective is:
:: To reduce early school leaving.

Specific objectives are:
:: To help young people acquire the basic life-skills and competences necessary for their personal development , for future employment and for active citizenship at national and European level.

The project will promote a Virtual Reflective Learning where each actor of the process will be able to co-operate, thanks to open source tools of web 2:
:: A panel of videos of parallel stories (using the methodology of storytelling), where real players, former classmates, describe their divergent personal, social and professional destinies as a consequence of different paths of study.
:: A panel of docufilms, having as leading actors people who stopped the training path but that through a second opportunity were able to fully develop their talents.
:: A panel of documentaries that explains, with contemporary language codes, suitable for young fragile people recent opportunities related to the apprenticeships.
:: Finally, a catalogue of experiences and practices to prevent and fight early school leaving at European level will developed for shcools, encourageing a higher involvement of famillies and the support of teachers.

:: ERIFO – Coordinator of the project (Italy)
:: Mayo Educational Center (Ireland)
:: Associazione seed (Switzerland)
:: CECE (Spain)
:: IPED (Poland)
:: Regional Directorate Education of Crete (Greece)
:: HORVATH (Hungary)

European Commission

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