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Seed was born out of the belief that digital technologies can provide great opportunities for social and international development. To harvest such potential, we need people that both understand their local context and are technology experts.

This is what we understand as “developing a culture of educational technologies in the non profit world”: helping people to catch the opportunities that technology provides to the benefit of all. And this is how we re-invest our profits every year.

As a start-up enteprise launched in 2007, seed generated its first profits in 2010. Re-investments are decided by seed’s board.

Reinvestment 2012-2015
From 2012 to 2015 seed didn’t generated profit, but reinvestied his funds every year directly co-financing projects with working hours or with his own funds, in particular with the projects of Mediation Training with MCRC in Ghana and of Youth for Development in Macedonia. This one has been managed from theĀ  ZIP Institute, an organization we support, which we have seen growing during his first 5 years of activity.

Reinvestment 2011
Thanks to the profits generated in 2011, seed supported the following projects:

  • The opening of an office for ZIP Institute, partner of seed in Skopje, Macedonia.

Reinvestment 2010
Thanks to the profits generated in 2010, seed supported the following projects:

  • Installing a computer lab for children for the Associacao Nossa Senhora Mae Dos Homens in Samambaia, in the suburbs of Brasilia. This was the forerunner of a program for educators training and a project on digital storytelling, including a twinning with a primary school class in Como, Italy
  • Conference grants for students from developing countries for the IPID 2011 Conference in Lugano. IPID is the International Network for Postgraduate students in ICT4D (visit IPID website)