Rights experimentation with Tasis middle school

_MG_5902A five-days workshop with pupils of Tasis middle school took place from 18th to 22nd March.

Seed trainers, with the support of the school teacher, helped students producing digital stories about citizenship, and in particular about the meaning of belonging to a community and entering a new community.

The trainers shortly introduced the topic to the pupils, by asking some questions and fostering discussion; then, they gave the beginning of a short story (relevant to the workshop topic) to the pupils, who had to work in groups and complete the story.

In order to turn their stories into videos, students wrote their storyboards, filmed scenes and edited videos, with their tablets and laptops.

Finally, all videos were shared and discussed together, in order to highlight the strengths of the work done together; what could be improves, and what was learnt during the workshop.

Pupils really enjoyed storytelling and learning a new way of expressing themselves.