Rights to meet different communities

DSCN0343These days are the last week of school here in Ticino, and the middle school Parsifal, in Lugano, gave seed association the opportunity and honour to close the school year of its oldest students by organised a three days long digital storytelling workshop.

The topic of the whole workshop was the meeting and relationship with the different religious communities in Lugano. It was the closing activity of a wider work implemented by students with the teachers of history and citizenship education, in order to increase pupils’ aware and knowledge of different religious groups, also by meeting some of their members.

All the activities were moderated by seed’s staff members, with the precious support of the school’s teachers.

During the first day, the workshop, with its activities and schedule was introduced to studnets, who then started writing their stories’ scripts, in groups. The scripts were also shared, improved and developed into storyboards.

On the second day, students illustrated their stories, recorded their voices, looked for soundtracks and edited their videos.

The third and last day was dedicated to the stories’ sharing and to the workshop evaluation.

The results of the workshop were surprising, and the students’ evaluation showed that they appreciated the opportunity to learn to edit video, audio files and pictures; to learn and discuss about different religious communities, and to work in groups.

After such a wonderful activity, we wish all the students happy holidays!