Training course about digital technologies at Scuola di Vita Autonoma [closed]

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The training course about digital technologies which we implemented with the operators and guests of Scuola di Vita Autonoma aimed at improving the partcipants’ understanding and knowledge of the most frequently used digital technologies, their characterstics, advantages and risks, in order to increase the safety of their daily use.

Scuola di Vita Autonoma is an initiative of the association Pro Infirmis, addressing people suffering from a mild physical or psychological disability, aiming at improving their independence and ability to manage their daily life.
Digital technologies are an important part of the world which guests of Scuola di Vita Autonoma will have to face. It is thus important to train the operators of SVA about the use, characteristics and risks of the most frequently used digital technologies. It is also crucial to integrate activities which can be performed and understood by guests and train them about the same issue.

Project lifetime
Year 2011

The training course implemented with Scuola di Vita Autonoma had a threefold objective: firstly, to allow the operators to manage the issues regarding digital technologies related to guests’ daily life; secondly, to design activities which integrate the use of digital technologies in the training programme of SVA guests; thirdly, to find suitable and effective ways to organise daily life at SVA, in order to support the guest’s correct and safe use of digital technologies.

The first core activity consisted of three training sessions led by seed staff members and targeting the operators of Scuola di Vita Autonoma, addressing the most unclear, frequent and relevant topics regarding digital technologies.
The second core activity involved  also SVA guests, by making them take part to four sessions, during each of which they were introduced to a daily activity that involves digital technologies, like accessing a website, sending a text message, or chatting. Then, they had to represent the action by acting as one of the components involved in it, in order to make core concepts clearer and easier to recall.
Finally, users were given the descriptions of two possible scenarios, one describing an unsafe use and the other one describing a safe use of a chat line, and they were asked to produce a digital story representing them. Such activity made it easier for them to recall the situations, to understand them and discuss about them.
All the activities were supported by SVA operators and seed staff members.

The main result of the training course with Scuola di Vita Autonoma is the material produced as a support for the training sessions addressing the educators and involving the guests, together with the digital stories produced by SVA guests and operators as a final activity. 

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