Seed and digital storytelling

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASeed association has been applying digital storytelling to development and education project for a long time; for example, such tool has been the pivotal element to implement integration initiatives involving children with special education children. It has also played a fundamental role in encouraging children and young people experiencing difficult socioeconomical conditions to increase their self-exteem and their interest in education.

Recently, seed’s staff members have been learning the value of digital storytelling as a tool to understang and communicate the meaning and importance individuals’ own stories. Two project’s are being particularly important from this point of view: Rights, which aims at promoting digital storytelling as a pedagogical tool to teach global citizenship education, and x-story, whose objective is exchangeing competencies, experience and expertise with the Hungarian organisation Anthropolis.

Finally, digital storytelling was also integrated into a training course addressing the guests of Scuola di Vita Autonoma and focused on risks and advantages of digital technologies and social media.

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