Seed methodology to be exchanged

DSThe core objective of the project x-story is making the two organisations associazione seed and Anthropolis.

The previous post described the digital storytelling methodology applied by Anthropolis, and now we are going to share the methodology that seed has applied to training activities, development projects, and educational initiatives.

Seed has applied digital storytelling to several projects in the field of education, addressing disadvantaged  children or youngsters experiencing a difficult socio-economical situation or background. Participants work in groups, on a common theme, creating new stories and turning them into digital format, with the support of seed’s trainers.

Workshops and training activities are ususally scheduled as follows: firstly, the common theme is introduced, and trainers present stories’ pedagogical value and main features; then participants have to create their own story, finding a suiteble way to illustrate them and an appropriate soundtrack. When all rough material is ready, images are digitalised, the whole video is edited, with the support of seed’s trainers, and stories shared.

Digital storytelling based activities allow participants to improve their expressive and communicative abilities; boost their expressive potential; increase their abilities to cooperate and work in groups, and allow them to express ideas, opinions, experiences and values without having to address them directly.

Finally, digital storytelling based training methodology does not require expensive or complex tools or technologies, and are thus very easy to implement also in disadvantaged environments, or in developing countries.

By clicking the links below, you will find more specific information about the digital storytelling based projects seed has so far implemented:

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