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Logo SelfAssessment“Self Assessment from Learning to Learn: Safety and Digital Competence” is the name of this project, which aim is to create an inter-generational learning community, to promote mobility and exchange of experiences of pairs of trainers: one junior and one senior, in order to create basic forms and methods useful to trainers and teachers in workplace.

The project focus on two main needs: take advantage of aging phenomena in a learning society tackling exclusion among older people in one hand, and in other encouraging them to participate actively in their communities, giving back their sapience potential to younger people and reinforcing individuals and groups. Hearts improves a self-learning process taking humanizing traditions of all times that did embrace the diverse EU societies identity to transmit to young generations a common heritage sapience set.
It’s an opportunity for seniors and juniors to come together, to learn from each other about how to positively overcome aging connected problems, improving their quality of life, mutual understanding, self-confidence and awareness, and walk on their own European routes in a challenge to overcome aging fear and discrimination, building cohesion and unity, social change and development.

Project Lifetime
August 2012 – July 2014

:: For learners: Remembrance and transfer to new generations of European heritage diversity, highlighting affectability and solidarity traditions, by seniors to others citizens at risk, throughout a self collaborative learning; Improve competencies: ICT basics and teaching, mother language, intercultural and inter generational communication, art and crafts; Creation of self-helping services, heritage sapience sharing and media reporting throughout local/global exchanges among sharing groups and communities.
:: For staff: Exchange/develop/learning methodologies and techniques on: learn to learn, informal facilitators, peers to peers creative writing, digital literacy, sharing and groups animation, time bank, social web and media.

The methodologies foreseen are based on share of heritage sapience, intercultural and inter-generational dialogue, the activation of social networks, empowerment and inclusion of people at risk and socio-cultural initiatives. The self-learning approach make seniors an active pole to collect and transmit European cultural diversity values to new generations, receiving from them the same time nowadays knowledge-ICT, social web and socio-cultural animation competences.
The outcomes of the projects will be several: newsletters, video interviews, different tools, website, CD, booklet, forum, press releases, seminars, etc.

:: Contents CD
:: Newsletters
:: Brochure
:: Website
:: Facebook group
:: Interviews

:: Blue Line Società Cooperativa Sociale (IT)
:: Göller Bölgesi Teknik Elemanlar Sosyal Yardimlasma Va Dayanisma Dernegi (TUR)
:: Akademickie Centrum Informacji i Edukacji Europejskiej (PL)
:: Associazione seed (CH)

European Commission

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