Ser emprendedores / dia 1

The workshop in micro-entrepreneurship has begun, with 14 participants in their 30s: 13 women and 1 man. The background is diverse: some only attended primary school, currently manage a stand in the (the local market) and want to make it grow; others are studying graphics and wish to open the first graphics centre in town to compete with those in Loja, the closest city. Others work in the centre Pettirosso, which is hosting us, and which wishes to launch an enterprise in support of social work addressing children, involving unemployed mothers.

In each case, ideas are opportunities to grow, produce job and wealth and support the family and the community.

The first day was dedicated to developing the ideas, to the theme of differentiation and competition, and to a discussion about why to become entrepreneurs and to run such risk. The story of Max Way (a bar in Locarno, Switzerland), found by Vanessa, was a very useful introduction to the topic.