Ser emprendedores / dia 3

We got to the third day! A part from a few exceptions, dew to familiar contingencies, everybody continues following the course, even if it Saturday!

Today we worked on marketing, in its broadest meaning: knowing the client, adapting the product, communicating with the market and positioning with respect to competitors.

A second experience of independent enterprise was presented: the Atelier Marco Turco in Locarno. From the discussion which followed other facets of micro-entrepreneurship: the importance of persistence, despite problems and failures, and the importance of market analyses, even when entrepreneurs are experienced.

The team has then played with FAIR, the second game developed within the European project SEE A Game, which regards the relationship with the competitors (la competencia): struggling is not always the best option, and our enemies can often become key partners.
The discussion concerned the theme of innovation, as well: being entrepreneurs does not mean having an idea and realising it, but constantly observing the market and keeping on growing and developing the business. This is true also for micro-enterprises, which can rely on agility and motivation.