Ser emprendedores / dia 5 (final!)

The fifth day of the workshop “ser emprendedores” could be defined as the day of truth. Participants were required to review all the work of the previous days, through the notes written on the entrepreneurship handbook of the project LACER, and to develop a simple business plan. In other words, they were asked to review every step of the workshop and to apply it by describing their own project in a thorough and convincing way.
It was a hard work, which absorbed the group for the whole day, but which gave positive results. Indeed, the group developed the initial stages of six projects of enterprises:
– “Ven y pegate un…”, change of a tienda of a mall in an open-air locale shop (la Bahia)
– “La esquina de David”, renewal of comida rápida, a traditional service of the local market.
– “Ludobar Jovenil”, projecting a bar and social activities for young people in Catamayo.
– The project of a centre for artistic and cultural activities for young people (after-school centre).
– Starting a graphics centre.
– Car rental with heavy vehicles to level building land and for agricultural work.

The outcome of the workshop’s evaluation, which lasted approximately 45 minutes, was positive, both in terms of satisfaction, and of awareness of personal capabilities (motivation). Besides, it delivered specific competencies, such as accounting management for small business. Finally, the workshop turned 15 individuals into a group of young entrepreneurs.
At the end of the workshop the participants received the certificates, signed by Zhadira Celi (president of the hosting association, Amigos de los Niños) and by a representative of the local ministry for economical activities.

… and now let’s get to most interesting part: finilising the business plan, finding the activities and finding some moments of common discussion. Maybe once more with the help of seed and of some Swiss enterprise of foundation.