SG4Adults – Serious Games for Entrepreneurship Skills of Adult Learners [closed]

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The European project Serious Games for Entrepreneurship Skills of Adult Learners (SG4Adults) aims to stimulate entrepreneurship mind-set and to develop entrepreneurial competencies of adult learners through the use of game-based learning method.

Entrepreneurship is generally recognized as one of the basic skills to be acquired through life-long learning. Education can make a significant contribution to entrepreneurship, encouraging the development of entrepreneurial attitudes and skills of the learners. Serious Games are currently acknowledged as having an important role and potential in education as a tool that encourages the aspects of learning and socialization of the learners. The project is based on the understanding that while entrepreneurship education is recognized as an empowering tool, still in most EU countries entrepreneurial mind-set development is hardly ever part of adult education curricula. Initial research has showed that vast majority of the already implemented game-based learning initiatives in the EU focused on high school students and young adults, thus generating a gap where the effects of this learning method in adult education are still to some extent unfamiliar. Moreover, the project is also in direct correlation with the EU policy in the adult learning field, taking that the proposed method is expected to contribute towards increased competitiveness, employability, social inclusion, active citizenship, and personal development of the targeted adult learners. In particular, the application of informal approach in formal learning environment for up-skilling adults for employment is aligned with one of the goals of the EU policy.

Project Lifetime
September 2014 – August 2016

The overall objective of the project is to develop, deploy and assess experimental pedagogical plan based on game-based learning method used for stimulating entrepreneurship skills and attitudes of adult learners. SG4Adults aims to analyze the pedagogical potential of the proposed game-based learning method applied to competencies development of adult learners, consequently identifying specific variables that influence the successful implementation of the informal learning method in a formal environment with preparing teachers to successfully implement the innovative approach.
The two main target groups of the project are: adult learners (age 35-50 years) and teachers delivering courses for adult learners.

Major milestones will be:
:: to design and develop a specific game-based learning method for simulation training of adults with an aim of encouraging their entrepreneurship skills;
:: to develop a training curricula for teachers of adult learners for using game-based learning method in the classroom;
:: to test and evaluate the impact of a game-based approach in formal teaching and pedagogic methodologies for adults;
:: to validate the proposed approach as a means of learning and evaluate its impact on adult learners.


:: CVO Antwerpen (BE) Coordinator
:: Universitat Jaume I de Castellon (ES)
:: YES (MK)
:: The Elephant Learning in Diversity (NL)
:: Associazione seed (CH)

European Commission