Sharing Landscapes [closed]

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Sharing Landscapes is an EU Lifelong Learning Grundtvig Multilateral project. The project aims to create an interdisciplinary methodology on teaching outdoors for adult learners.

The significance of experiential learning has become more and more apparent over the past years, as its impact and improvement on the way that people learn and the experience they have when learning is now recognised. Currently there is a lack of educational materials that focus specifically on adult education, and a lack of use of the outdoors when learning. Training opportunities are also lacking for adult trainers who wish to learn how to conduct experiential learning sessions.

Project Lifetime
November 2010 – October 2012

The Sharing Landscapes project focuses on languages and landscapes; in an urban, rural, local and global context. It aims to developing skills in spatial literacy, enabling adult learners to “read” the “grammar” of the outdoors, from cultural, historical, aesthetic and environmental starting points. This is to encourage a higher order of critical thinking skills, such as questioning, analysing and evaluating information. The methodology addresses individual learning styles, recognizing the needs and expectations of the learners.

:: An ‘e-learning hub’ for teachers and students to share information on different topics, together with teacher instruction notes translated into a number of different languages.
:: A curriculum/course will also be provided at teacher training workshops. These courses shall be integrated into the partner institutions and a mentoring system will be provided for those who wish to apply the skills that they have learnt.

The project will result in significant materials such as an anthology of outdoor and experiential learning modules to be produced by the project partners.

:: Tinta Education Ltd  (Sweden, coordinator)
:: Research House (U.K.)
:: Elderberry AB (Sweden)
:: Pamukkale Universitesi (Turkey)
:: Seed association (Switzerland)
:: Grampus Heritage and Training Ltd (U.K.)
:: Aeolis (Greece)

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