Skopje and Matka: impressions

When on a mission, we work hard, but we also have the opportunity to look around and learn about new places. Understanding the local culture is a key for effective training and collaboration. Here some impressions from Skopje.

We wake up every morning at 5, when the Muezzin starts singing prayers on the nearby minaret. There is a chain of minarets, so that we hear singing moving from one to the other – near and far – for about half an hour. This happens also at night, while we blog).

And right after the Muslim prayer, you hear the bells of orthodox churches. Elena told us that the Italian fruit salad is called macedonia because it is like this country: a mix of different things. This is what makes Macedonia charming: a blend of people (Macedonians, Albanians, but also Turks and Roms), and a history divided across countries.

People are shy to tell their ethnicity, which, to local eyes, seems to be evident.

We visited Matka, a natural canyon close to the city, closed by a dam. They say that the depth of the lake was never measured, but it could be the deepest in Europe. Its green water and wild forest environment soothed us after the working day.