StartUp_EU: Be a High-Tech Entrepreneur! [closed]

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Have you ever tried to be a high tech entrepreneur? Entrepreneurial skills and attitudes are a key for employability and development in Europe. The StartUp_EU project is designed to motivate secondary school students by replicating the excitement and creative innovation of a new start-up company.

The project aims at creating an educational game to develop entrepreneurial skills on a Web2.0 technology platform, to support an international competition of young people across Europe.

Secondary school students aged 14-19 will learn about entrepreneurship through inspiring and thought-provoking videos, online workbooks covering business and marketing plans, and presentation skills. Students then develop their own business ideas collaboratively and autonomously across Europe. These will be evaluated by a panel of experienced entrepreneurs and winners announced.

For students the outcomes are on multiple levels and include an insight into the world of start-ups and ICT, through replicating the collaborative processes required to develop an idea into a company a real taste of entrepreneurship will be gained.

Project Lifetime
December 2011 – november 2013

:: Increase entrepreneurial skills in secondary school students
:: Promote creative thinking
:: Create a network of entrepreneurial training for secondary schools

StartUp_EU will begin with a review of competences and methods for developing entrepreneurship. Then, the partners will design an online game to complement the existing offer, and move on to develop all game assets and the game platform. The game will be tested in two phases (a small pilot and then a large pilot), each phase involving teacher training and a final evaluation of the learning experience.

The project is accompanied by strong dissemination and exploitation actions.

:: Learning game (How to be a high tech entrepreneur).
:: Technology platform for playing games, communications, partner finding, inspirational videos.
:: Business plan templates and guides that students can use to take their ideas to a ‘sellable’ business.
:: Guide for teachers, ‘How to run an entrepreneur game’ that will include the pedagogy and a replicable methodology.
:: Workshops for teachers.
:: Sustainability package that will allow educators to use all resources after project is over.
:: Final awards conference and webinar.

:: University of the West of Scotland (United Kingdom, project coordinator)
:: Friedrich Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Innovation (Germany)
:: Menon Network EEIG (Belgium)
:: Associazione seed (Switzerland)
:: European Business & Innovation Centre Network – EBN (Belgium)
:: Confederación Española de Centros de Enseñanz – CECE (Spain)

European Commission

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