Step into the city

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IMG_5163 LightAn integration project dedicated to migrant women to enhance not only linguistic and relational field, but also social, civil and national competences.

Partners of the project: Associazione seed and Associazione mc-mc.

The project is dedicated to migrant women (permit B, C, permit F+7) with a basic level of Italian, which want to enhace their knowledges about the language, but also of the territory and the local culture, exploring also the possibility to participate and contribute actively to social life of the place where they live.

Project lifetime
The project – began in 2014 – take place annually, from October until May.

:: Learning to communicate in Italian in everyday life and know elements of citizenship
:: Taking advantage of the opportunities of dialogue and intercultural and interreligious exchange, which enhance cultures and competences of every woman involved
:: Knowing persons and places as starting points for an involvment in the local context
:: Contribute to the development of society trough volunteering activities
:: Thinking about the experience and facilitating interpersonal exchange about citizenship with publicly involved women, trough course’s participants and with others women with the same interest

The learning path dedicates a first part to Italian lessons of medium level. Teater lessons will be integrated for Italian learning, with creative laboratories and outdoor activities.

:: Associazione seed
:: Associazione mc-mc

The project is co-financed from the Delegato cantonale all’integrazione degli stranieri in the Programma di integrazione cantonale (PIC) 2014- 2017, from the fund of the Confederation adressed to integration (UFM), from Fondazione Sophie und Karl Binding, and from Associazione seed and Associazione mc-mc.



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