Storytelling and disability: the work in the classrooms has started!

The first stage of the project New growth opportunities for the children of the Istituto Sant’Angelo in Loverciano was completed!

What is this project? Where does it come from?
The project originated from the willingnsee to test whether new technologies can be helpful in developing the potential of children with cognitive difficulties and physical disabilities. Such potential cannot be fully enhanced by means of traditional methods. The project is based on considerations about the importance of storytelling, imagination, expression and communication as stimuli for personal development. Technologies become another learning tool, an approach that in many cases facilitates some expressive processes and offers other stimuli to the children.

The project, coordinated by seed, involves teachers, educators and children of the Istituto Sant’Angelo in Loverciano, a special school. There are several objectives: the main one is enhancing the expressive, relational and learning capacities, as well as increasing the self-esteem of the children who will take part to the activities. Two secondary but important objectives, linked to the methodology, are: developing the informatic competences of the participants (children, teen-agers, and also teachers) and learning to work in team on a project.

There are four implementation stages: training the teachers of the institute and planning together; first activity about the stories: listening and playing; second activity about the stories: writing and producing; evaluating results and future perspectives.

Now we are ready to start the second stage of the project which will involve the children!