Storytelling for integration with the School Piccolo Principe and OTAF [closed]

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Storytelling as an access point to creativity and integration. This was the challenge of a project involving a primary school and an organization for disabled children in Lugano, Switzerland.

The Swiss education system is organized in order to offer to disabled children a different education path, with special schools and institutes specifically taking care of them. This means that the possible connection with other children can be really rare.

Project Lifetime
October 2010 – June 2011

Valorization of expressive, relational and learning potential and empowering of the self esteem of the children involved in the project, giving the possibility to focus on and promote integration of children with disabilities.

The project faced the problem of integration of disabled children with a pragmatic approach. It involved 3 teachers and more than 40 children from a primary school and 4 educators and 4 disabled children from an institution for disabled people.
The method undertaken was the use of storytelling and digital storytelling, already used by seed in other contexts. Seed coordinated all the activities, first training the teachers and educators and then helping them, with also the support of an illustrator, to manage the workshops with children. After a first training phase, in fact teachers had to use the method in class with children (both from the school and institution), supporting them in working in group for the creation of a story. The story was then recorded and illustrated. All the materials were put together to create a sort of a final movie with the use of technologies.

:: a DVD with a sort of a movie presenting the story created by the children, using images, recordings and soundtrack.
:: a final event with the projection ot the DVD.

:: Scuola elementare “Il Piccolo Principe”, Lugano, Switzerland
:: Fondazione OTAF, Lugano, Switzerland

Foundation I4C – Invest for Children – (