A Suitcase for Europe [closed]

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Logo Suitcase“A Suitcase for Europe” is the title of our Grundtvig Learning Partnership project, a cultural tour around Italy, Romania, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Bulgaria and Portugal for one direction: Europe!

For this special trip we needs: a suitcase, a story, a cheerful company. We want to tell our lives as ordinary people through the “cycle life”, his best memories and crucial moments: today or yesterday it’s important to know retracing prints and signs for understanding if we need to learn by Europe still!
For young generations means a future perspective, for old ones a place where they can help the others and learn what we want or chose of saving from past for an European regeneration. Through an intercultural/inter-generative approach and dialogue we want to rebuild a “ learning space”. All participants can ”learn to learn” about: self-confidence, passion, pride, enthusiasm, creativity as useful “survival strategies”, a “literacy” of minds, body, hearts.

The fast change of our modern society brought very strong changes and important benefits to all our Countries, and in these new values all of us are confused, our identities run the risk to get lose. In all European Countries and social classes, there can be an economic poverty but also a “cultural poverty”. It’s important overcoming isolation, breaking the silence of our towns and give voice to all these people that live as invisibile. The project aims to stimulate and reflect on active citizen in all ages, on everyday life aspects and opening a debate about these themes, promoting a “space of learning”.

Project Lifetime
August 2013 – July 2015

:: To support the grouth of knowledge and understanding own European socio-cultural-religious diversity.
:: To develop communication for own growth, interpersonal and intercommunity. Making friendship based on respect and tollerances.
:: To reflect about personal abilities and talents recognising opportunities for well-being and life choises.
:: To make the learners and staff being proud of representation of their own nations abroad.
:: To develop languages and IT skills useful in daily life and communication: using modern communication via for permanent dialogue with the diversity.
:: To grow European dimension of organisation involved.

We’ll make our European dimension living respect, cooperation, search, life style comparison, remembrances, civic competences, free expression, friendships, and all this will be visible in different products: posters, power-point presentations, telling stories, reports of meeting activities, video-clips, dvd. Each Country organization can work about them with different abilities by traditional and technological equipment and provides in own community to their disseminations.

:: Calendars
:: Movies and DVD
:: Posters and PTT presentations
:: Thematic brochures
:: Linguistic brochures
:: Website
:: Facebook group

:: Associazione Genitori II Circolo San Cataldo (IT)
:: EduLife, Craiova (RO)
:: Hochvier, Postdam (D)
:: Altinerre Spor Klübü, Mersin (TUR)
:: Optimus KA&KA, Vratsa (BUL)
:: Aneve, Lisbona (PT)
:: Associazione seed (CH)

European Commission

– See more at: www.asuitecaseforeurope.com