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The title of the website literally means “Talk of Suri” – or Tales about Suri. Suri is a village in Dolakha District in the middle hills of Nepal – a district that was a focal area for Swiss development assistance from the 1970s until 2010.

The project, funded by InterCooperation, was created to share the experiences of Dr. Jane Carter.
Jane lived in Suri for a period of 18 months over 1988 – 1989. Twenty years later, she made a number of return visits to the village. In the intervening period, the lives of the villagers have changed both materially, and at a more profound level. The ten chapters on the website explore these changes, both from the perspective of an outsider, and – more importantly – through the stories of Suri people themselves.

Created on the WordPress engine in the 2011, the site – and the downloadable chapters –  are available both in English and Nepali.

Partner: InterCooperation
Budget: XXX CHF