Telecentres and Mobile Technologies: a global pilot study

nokia-mzAssociazione seed is collaborating with to investigate the interconnection between mobile technologies and telecentres, public places to access digital technologies and the internet in the developing world to promote socio-economic

The results of an initial pilot study of this global research have been presented to the first Spark Global Lab, held in Barcelona on October 17 and 18 2013. Spark Lab is an initiative of Foundation, ITU – International Telecommunication Union and the Government of Catolonia to foster ICT innovation for development.

Read the executive summary of the report:

Telecentres have been the main strategy to face the connectivity and access issue in developing countries for the last two decades. Mobile technologies have recently introduced new ways to connect to the Internet and to communicate online, reshaping the technological ecosystem of access. This report presents preliminary results of a global study about the integration of mobile services into telecentres, by investigating perceptions, practices and uses of telecentres’ operators by means of an online survey. The study is conducted in cooperation between Associazione seed and Foundation (TCF). Data collection of the pilot phase reported in these pages was conducted during the months of August and September 2013 in 8 countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Kenya, Philippines, Rwanda, Spain, and Thailand.

Results show that telecentres have already started to implement mobile‐related services into their daily practices, and that mobile services addressing socio‐economic development are in the top priorities of most operators in the sample. Operators’ perception of mobile technologies entails a vision where these technologies can spread over telecentres consistently with local life‐styles and values, and can tackle areas of development less addressed by telecentres themselves. Finally, operators have a sound and consistent image of the concepts of telecentres, mobiles and development, which are perceived in an inter‐dependent relationship among each others.

Download the report in PDF format: 20131015_Pilot-TC&Mobile

The full reference is: Rega, I., Vannini, S., Raimilla, M., Fauró, L. (2013). Telecentres and Mobile: an initial overview. Associazione seed technical report, ver. 1.0. October 2013.