Telling stories to learn and grow up [closed]

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2012-02-01 16.27.54Digital storytelling as a resource for young people of Samambaia, a suburb of Brasillia, to learn and express themselves. 

Samambaia is a town located in the suburbs of Brasilia, where most of inhabitants are families experiencing disadvanged socio-economical conditions, and coming from the Noth-Eastern part of the contry to find a job and better conditions in Brasilia.
The Association Nossa Senhora Mãe dos Homens (ANSMH) is located in Samambaia and aims at supporting families experiencing poverty, and their children. In particular, the main objective of the association is supporting children in their educational path, in finding and fostering their abilities
Learning to tell stories and produce them in digital format is a precious opportunity for the children attending ANSMH’s activities to express themselves, cooperate and identify their own strengths and capacities. Moreover, it is a useful tool for the educators, who will be able to integrate it into the association’s educational activities and initiatives.

Project lifetime
July 2011 – June 2012

– Improvement of the expressive capacities of the children attending the association’s activities.
– Improvement of the relational capacities of the children attending the association’s activities.
– Decrease in early school leaving among the children attending the association’s activities.
– Incresed self-esteem among the children attending the association’s activities.

– Definition of activities’ schedule with the association’s educators
– Training of the association’s educators
– Storytelling workshop with the association’s children
– Integration of the methodology into the association’s activities and initiatives
– Dissemination of project activities and results
– evaluation

– Digital stories produced by the children, with the support
– Children’s improved ICT competencies
– Children’s improved expressive competencies

Associazione seed (CH)

Co-financed by ANSMH, associazione seed and the municipality of Bioggio (CH)

22’700 CHF