Training peace mediators in Sunyani, Ghana [closed]

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A reliable and efficient judicial service is a key element for regional and national development. Effective judicial services mean less social conflict and a more stable situation. Often, developing countries suffer from a choked or corrupted system, jeopardizing any sustainable development effort. The Marian Conflict Resolution Center (, established in 2010 in Sunyani, Ghana, is a center that trains peace mediators with Alternative Dispute Resolution skills. Seed will be collaborating with MCRC to strengthen its training competences, develop outreach actions and make it a stable end effective team.

Project Lifetime
January 2013-December 2015

The goal of this project is eventually having more active peace mediators overall Ghana. Specific goals are: (a) improving training quality in ADR, (b) supporting outreach and community building across Ghana and beyond regional boundaries, (c) stabilizing MCRC as an effective team.

The project builds upon a visit in August 2011 to Sunyani, where needs analysis was conducted. The project will include (a) training of tutors and technical staff in Sunyani, (b) development of training program and materials, (c) development of outreach and community building practices.

The project is ongoing.

:: Marian Conflict Resolution Center
:: Giving to Ghana Foundation
:: Fordham Law School, NY
:: St. John’s Law School, NY

DSC, through FOSIT

about 60’000 CHF (corresponding to 50% of the Swiss Contribution). Overall budget is about 160’000 CHF

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