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The project FAIRstart, thanks to which training material addressing operators working with abandoned children (with a focus 0-3 years old) were developed, was so successful that is being carried on by being transferred to new contexts within the project TransFAIR.

The interplay between the formal training VET (Vocational Education and Training) and the actual learning is generally quite weak. Often there is not a sufficient focus on ensuring the best possible transfer of the learning outcome from the formal training to the employee’s application of what they learn to their daily work. But if we want to promote real changes, a bridge is needed between the two different forms of learning.

Project Lifetime
December 2011 – November 2013

The main objective of TransFAIR is transferring the innovative results and experiences from the Leonardo project FAIRstart. The training program of FAIRstart will be adjusted in terms of language, contents and accessibility in order to reach more interested people, people who take care of children living outside their families and homes.

The main activity of TransFAIR consists in adjusting the training material produced within the project FAIRstart according to the identified learning needs of the new target groups (in terms of language, content and accessibility). Such material will then be tested and revised on the base of the results of evaluation sessions to which representatives belonging to the project’s target groups will take part. All these steps will lead to a final version of the training concept and digital materials suitable for the new target groups.

The main result of TransFAIR consists in the new training concept and digital materials, produced by transferring, adapting, adjusting and translating the results of the project FAIRstart.

::Aarhus Social and Healt Care College (Denmark, coordinator)
:: ARGO consultancy (Denmark)
:: Non-profit partnership “Danish Business  Service” (Russia)
:: Associazione seed (Switzerland)
:: Fundatia Ecologica Green (Romania)
:: Kocaeli Valiligi AB Projeler Koordinasyon Merkez (Turkey)
:: Invalidu un vinu draugu apvieniba “Apeirons” (Latvia)
:: Bulgarian Development Agency (Bulgaria)
:: Fundacja Rozwoju Demokracji Lokalnej Malopolski Instytut Samorzadu Terytorialnego I Administracji (Poland)

European Commission

Training material from the closed project FAIRstart:
New training material for institutions and adopting and foster parents: