We tell you a story [closed]

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“We tell a story” is a human rights education project that aims to develop awareness on this issue through the development of knowledge, skills and habits. The result is a collective story written and animated by young people living on the two opposite poles of the globe. By creating a digital story the children will be involved in the reflection of their own values and those of others, as well as the change of perspective. In addition the children will participate in a ‘triple educational purposes activities: acquiring knowledge about the world; learn to think and to learn applying the know-how; develop their person cultivating interpersonal skills.

The project will involve two groups of students: a middle school class of Minusio and a group of boys their own age who are studying in a educativoe center in Campeche, Mexico. They will be asked to collaborate to write and edit together a story on human rights. Will address the theme of prejudice and respect for differences. This is to show the inextricable link that exists between the ability to exercise their freedom and the fact that this is guaranteed to all. And for both those who live near that for those who live away from us.
It is therefore with the method of storytelling that addressing sensitive issues such as prejudice, respect for differences, freedom, etc, it becomes a natural and spontaneous way to express themselves.

Project lifetime
November 2015 – May 2016

:: Raise the issue of human rights
:: Develop a sense of cooperation
:: Develop a different approach to the technological means
:: Develop sensitivity and respect for differences

:: Education for teachers who will participate in the project of digital storytelling, interactive pedagogy and basic concepts on human rights
:: Virtual Encounters between the two educative reality: experience sharing, scheduling of work steps
:: Production of story writing, soundtrack creation, creation of images, narration, editing the final video
:: Sharing the story

Partner and funder
:: Associazione seed (coordinatori), Porza
:: Scuola Media Minusio (organizzatori), Minusio
:: Centro Educativo y Formativo Edimar – CEFE, Campeche
:: Amnesty International
:: CERDD (Centro Risorse Didattiche e Digitali; collaboratori e supporto tecnico), Bellinzona
:: Èducation21 (finanziatori), Berna

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