Web2Learn – Grundtvig Partnership [closed]

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The Web2Learn project’s scope is to familiarise adults (mainly parents but not exclusively) on current web 2.0 learning tools and practices so that to use them for creating better learning experiences for children and themselves and personal development.

Project Lifetime
August 2012 – July 2014

Web2Learn project aims to collect existing good practices on learning methods and web 2.0 tools in general but also on parents’ education for supporting their children in the participating countries and in Europe.

Aims to familiarise parents in the participating countries and especially unemployed ones on web 2.0 jargon and words/phrases used in web 2.0 children community in the participating countries as well as to establish stronger links/connections between parents (especially unemployed ones) and their children in all the participating countries but also with parents in other European countries and to raise awareness on the benefits as well as precautions implied from web 2.0 learning to parents communities.

Project Main Outcomes:

:: A report on existing good practices on learning methods based on web 2.0 tools (final version by May 2014)
:: A handbook on explaining how web 2 tools can be used in learning for personal development of parents as well as for supporting the education of their children. (Final version by May 2014)
:: An online glossary with web 2.0 jargon/phrases explained that will be updated continually via a community. (by May 2014)
:: A campaign based on social media for raising awareness based on the results of the project (by May 2014)
:: An evaluation report to assess the satisfaction level of the target groups (mainly parents and adult education institutions) from their involvement in the project and the use of project results. (by July 2014)
:: A multilingual eLearning platform for parents on using web 2.0 for personal development and for supporting the education of their children.

Partners [interactive map]
:: PAEPSM – Parents Association of Experimentary Primary Schools of Maraslion
:: Associazione seed*
:: T.C. Konak Kaymakamlığı
:: GHEA Società Cooperativa

European Commission