Web4tourism started in Lugano!

Since last Monday, 11th March, and for all the week, associazione seed is hosting 10 participants who come from different European countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Italy Ireland, Croatia, Slovenia, Latvia) plus some participants from Switzerland. They came to participate to the Grundtvig workshop Web4tourism – Boost your tourism initiatives through digital technologies, organized by seed.

Participants are involved in activities and they are learning and sharing experiences about the concept of hospitality and about the use of technologies to promote and support tourism. Yesterday and today, phd Alessandro Inversini, from the University of Bournemouth, is contributing to the training with his precious experience and expertise in the field of eTourism. We could also take advantage of the great expertise of Dr. Carlo Fontana, General Manager at Hotel Lugano Dante, Lugano, and of Emanuele Patelli, owner of Caffè dell’Arte in Locarno and Manager of the Futour Course.
Tomorrow the program foresees Matteo and Chiara presenting more digital communication tools to boost tourism initiatives and participants will work on their own communication maps.

Here you are some pictures from the workshop!