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Nowadays young people and children are more and more used to surf the internet and use technologies, but are parents ready and prepared to help their children to use new technologies in an efficient and safe way? This partnership tries to investigate and find solutions to this question.

The partnership starts from the consideration that often there is a large gap between the parents and children familiarity to the use of technologies. One of the main reasons of this gap is the rapid development of technology. For the parents it is vital to have good, open communication with their children about their internet lives. Like all other aspects of their lives, parents need to talk to children about the potential dangers that they may come across online as well as the many benefits they could find. Setting rules and boundaries around children’s Internet usage is an important aspect of keeping them safe on-line.

Project Lifetime
1st August 2011 – 31th July 2013

The project aims at improving technological and knowledge competences, supporting parents who are unfamiliar with computer and the internet. Consequently, they will have a chance to guide their children while they are surfing the net.

To reach the goals in the WebWise Parents Partnership, several conjoint activities about sensibilization on internet use will be organized during the next two years. Seed will work actively with the other partners.

The steps to be undertaken are:

:: analysis of the local context and target needs,
:: collection of good practices,
:: organization of seminars,
:: creation of a guide for parents,
:: dissemination of the results.

:: Information seminars
:: Creation of a guide/handbook for parents

:: Stichting Turkse Ouders Amersfoort, Amersfoort (The Netherlands)
:: Francois Adoue, Le Bouscat (France)

European Commission

10.000 Euro per partner to cover 4 mobilities