WORKQ – Qualification at work

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WorkQ_ logoWORKQ (Qualification at work) has chosen three priorities that go hand in hand and affect on the quality of VET. The priorities follow the priorities of Edupoli’s strategy and the KA2 Strategic Partnerships for VET. For the future success of VET we need to find new path ways, new models and methods to get competencies needed  in the working life. Close cooperation, working together with and in the work places is a key to competent, high quality workers.


Most of European countries face the problem of vocational schools dropouts. Often students are motivated during training periods, but they lose their motivation when at school. In some cases, the reason for low motivation lies in the low language skills or in the low interest for theoretical study. Another constant problem of VET is to be able to train skills and knowledge needed in the job market. It is also important to consider the challenges from the perspective of teachers. Teachers’ professional development demands are also in new pedagogical approaches supporting work-based VET and in international cooperation skills.

The target groups of the project are:

  1. Students (getting new pathways to qualification studies), work places/employers (getting high level, competent workers);
  2. Teachers, being able to offer more models and methods for qualification studies.

The project will make use of peer learning between the partners: best practice sharing and dissemination of the gained results between the partners. International cooperation in the project implementation gives new approaches, new knowledge about work based VET practice in other EU countries, supports in models and methods development, support in evaluation and dissemination of the project implementation and results.

Project lifetime

September 2015 – August 2017

:: First objective of WORK is to find new methods and models to study qualifications giving options also for those who have learning difficulties.

:: The second objective of this project will be the close cooperation with the employers, which is essential for the quality of work-based education.

:: The third objective of this project is VET teachers’ professional development.


  • Project management- including 5 partner meetings in Groningen, Porvoo, Warsaw, Alicante, Porvoo
  • Dissemination and valorisation
  • Development of project tangible results
  • Evaluation- project and results evaluation

:: Edupoli (Itä-Uudenmaan koulutuskuntayhtymä). Porvoo, Finland (Coordinating Institution) –
:: Noorderport (ROC Noorderport). Groningen, Netherlands –
:: IES Leonardo da Vinci. Alicante, Spain –
:: IPED Foundation Institute for Private Enterprise and Democracy. Warsaw, Poland –