Workshop – Web4tourism [closed]

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In March 2013, seed will host and manage a workshop entitled: “Boost your tourism initiatives through digital technologies”.

Seed believes in the importance of rural and sustainable tourism for the local development. New technologies and online communication are strategic tools to empower local tourism actors. That’s why we decided to organize this workshop. The workshop is supported by the European Grundtvig Workshop Program. Travel costs and accommodation for participants will be covered by the program.

11th – 15th March 2013 (arrival on March 11th in the afternoon and departure on March 16th)

In Lugano, Switzerland

Who can participate
We will select 10 participants from different European countries (countries accepted: 27 EU Member States + EFTA/EEA countries – Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland + 2 candidate countries – Croatia and Turkey).

Participants must have an interest in rural tourism, as an example they can be: local hospitality structures owners (such as Bed & Breakfast and guest houses), associations of the former and organizations engaged in local territory and tourism promotion. Seniors and people coming from rural areas will be privileged.

How to apply:

Deadline for sending us your registration form, signed and scanned, is 26th November 2012.
By 15th December 2012 we will communicate who the selected participants are.
If you are interested in the workshop, please send an email to chiara.bramani AT and you will receive the registration form to be filled in and more details about accommodation and details.

Description of the workshop:

The workshop is structured around the development of a customized online communication strategy for each of the participants and will promote the sharing of knowledge and experience among the them.

The workshop focuses on different aspects:

  • the concept of Hospitality, together with the identification of the unique messages and values to be communicated through digital media (focusing on What will be communicated and to Whom). Before coming to the workshop, participants are asked to collect good practices about hospitality and web communication that they experienced. They are also asked to reflect on motivation and relevant prior experiences and felt needs. Finally they have to bring some supporting material about their hospitality offers.
  • Digital communication on the web, with an introduction to the wide palette of web communication channels and instruments. Some atelier activities are organized to work on the communication plan and implement digital communication objects for the promotion of the local territory.
  • Web promotion. The focus is on the CHANNELS to promote the media and convey desired messages to the target audience.

The last day of the workshop is devoted to the actualization of the proposed path for each of the participant’s own hospitality structures and services. Each participant will revise the communication map, select relevant media and develop a communication plan, and develop a realistic implementation plan.

Working language will be English.

A more detailed description of the workshop is also available on the official Grundtvig Workshop Catalogue 2012-2013 ( at page 39.

Please contact Chiara (chiara.bramani AT for further details and for receiving the application form to be filled in before 26th November 2012.