x-story goes to school

DSCN0376The project x-story was introduced today to an audience of local middle school teachers and students.

In particular, Sara focused on the use of digital storytelling applied to the training and educational environment as the common element shared by seed association and Anthropolis.

Thanks to x-story, seed and Anthropolis are more deeply learning the value of digital storytelling as a effective tool which cam be fruitdully integrated into different kinds of training activities and initiatives.

The workshop that took place in Budapest and was lead by Anthropolis was mentioned, and one of the stories produced during the workshop was shown.

Also the workshop which is going to take place in Lugano next week was mentioned: it will be lead by seed’s staff memeber,  Anthropolis‘ staff members will take part in it, and it will focus on the digital storytelling training methodology applied by seed and on the projects that have so far been implemented and based on such methodology.