Young Skopjans prepare for employment

the network exerciseToday was the last day in the joint ZIP + SEED program on “Boosting employability skills for young people in Macedonia”, funded by the Cantonal governement of Ticino. The day was led by Luca, and the group of 15 young people was very active and engaged.

After a summary on career management, we worked on social capital: the fact that you can find a job only if you have the “right connections” is not only a bad thing – it means that personal trust is still a value. However, the point is: what connections do I have and how do I improve my social capital? In the pictore, Arlinda and Suhela show their “network exercise”.

After that, two videos prompted the discussion about self-employment, one from the LETS project and one from the Universty of St. Gallen. Not only “ho wants me for a job”, but “what added value can I generate?”.

Tow and a half year ago, seed was active in Skopje on a program on entrepreneuship. Today, two participants of that program came as testimonials: Marija told us about her “double career” in education and sales, including a side-track on entrepreneurship; Nikola told us how he founded Eco Logic, a very active NGO dealing with environmental issues. That’s the best indicator of success of a program!!

The evaluation promoted the training week with flying colours. ZIP will now provide support to the participants in their job search. Again, a great energetic experience with young people in Skopje!